Meditating with alpacas – bookings now open!

With the end of lockdown, have you tried meditating with alpacas?

Enjoy an exclusive wellbeing experience – meditating with alpacas. Use the calmness and connection of alpacas to promote your inner quiet and ‘being in the moment.’ Each session is led by Alarna Lloyd after an introduction to alpacas and Spring Farm by us.

The alpaca’s presence is a fun way to experience meditation. These spiritual animals are a perfect accompaniment for the first timer or the practised meditator, wanting to experience something unusual. Meditating in small groups alongside animals can feel more powerful and enjoyable. It’s also a good way to get used to meditating with pets or larger animals when you get home – they love it!

What to expect?

  • Ten minutes of introductory talk followed by a Q & A about the farm and alpacas with the owners, Chris or Vicki.
  • You will be in a field full of friendly alpacas to sit with and enjoy different guided meditations.
  • A chance to spend time connecting to nature, the animals and each other.

Feedback from previous sessions:

“So relaxing, wonderful to spend time with the animals and combine with being in the moment which they do so well.”

“very peaceful, initially was a bit wary, but they had a very calm energy”

“easy to follow – soothing tones and background nature noise”

We are very conscious of the issues caused by COVID 19. Alarna has conducted a full on-site risk assessment for guests joining us. However, the introduction and entire visit is conducted in the open. Social distancing can be observed at all times whilst you are with us. If you need to use the toilet facilities, they are sanitised with a barrier viricide (Steri-7) prior to your arrival.

Spaces are limited to 5 people at the moment, this may change and we will be keeping up to date with Covid-19 government guidelines. The T & C’s, refunds and risk assesment are on Alarna’s website. Please check these out before booking.

For more details and for all bookings please see Alarna’s website, link below: