Volunteering with alpacas – is it for me?

Why volunteer?

We have been very fortunate to have had volunteers helping on the farm for the last few years. The way we look after our farm and alpacas/llamas means we are very hands on. We have a number of full time staff but are very grateful to our volunteers too. It is amazing how calming being around alpacas can be – and how rewarding.

Is volunteering with alpacas for me?

So what are we going to ask of you? The way we look after our alpacas is based on a specific handling system. The daily routine is that every alpaca is treated as an individual. We bring each group into the main yard to check on them and feed them. During birthing time, we check on the heavily pregnant females every half an hour. When a baby alpaca (cria) is born, we are on hand to assist if required and monitor events to make sure the cria gets the best start in life.

We will ask you do get involved in the fun stuff such as walking alpacas and feeding them. We will also ask you to help with the chores on the farm such as sweeping up and poo picking. It is an interactive day and an element of fitness is required as we are on heavy clay.

From our side, we are looking for volunteers in the medium/long term. We will train you how to look after our alpaca family. This takes time and coming “for the occasional day” isn’t what we are looking for. Our 2 current volunteers come most weeks of the year. One on a Saturday and the other on a Sunday (barring holidays or other commitments). That way you really get to know the alpacas and can add to the wonderful working atmosphere on the farm.

Spring Farm is managed for the benefit of wildlife. All our fields are wildflower meadows and our woodland is ancient woodland. All who work and volunteer for us benefit from a love for nature. We really welcome an enquiring mind and often share pictures of the wildlife we see on social media.

We thought it important that our volunteers (current and recent past shared their thought on volunteering with us too:

There are not many things that are worth giving up your Sunday lie-in for, but volunteering here is definitely one of them. Everyone has something in common – the love for the outside, nature and of course the alpacas. I have learnt so much and enjoyed every moment! I always look forward to my days here!

Charlie. 2023/2024

I started volunteering at Spring Farm Alpacas at 14 with the intention of staying for 3 months for my DofE… I ended up staying right up until I left for uni. The farm itself is beautiful and the wildflower meadows and ancient woodlands offered a breath of fresh air after sitting at a desk all week. Birthing season was always my favourite time of year, but watching the cria grow up to win competitions, and have cria of their own provides constant entertainment. At the heart of the farm is a love for the alpacas and llamas and this is reflected in the team and routines. Spring Farm provided me with experience and skills which helped in my university application, but also an abundance of anecdotes and alpaca photos –which make for excellent icebreakers.

Belle. 2019/2023

I first started volunteering at Spring farm as I wanted to get experience working with animals. Having done one day at the weekend most weeks for over a year now, everyone at Spring farm have supported me so much and I enjoy it enormously. Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging and I have learned a great deal. Volunteering at Spring farm has taught me so much from problem solving to boosting my confidence whilst taking to guests on the alpaca walks. I have also experienced so many unique things I never would have otherwise, how many people could say they’ve massaged an alpaca or seen a cria being born?” 

Louisa 2023/2024