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When Christmas or Birthdays come around, you may feel the need to invest in socks (preferably alpaca), handkerchiefs, a bottle of spirits or any number of other presents. Or you can do something really different and give alpaca walking vouchers from Spring Farm Alpacas.

Or it may be that you are completely stumped with what to serve up with the Brussel sprouts but we can whole heartedly recommend an alpaca walk here at Spring Farm Alpacas. When I was a child, I was dragged out in the car, parked in a car park, route marched from A to B to A and put back in the car. I then spent the next 20 years avoiding everything that was green (except, funnily enough, the Brussel sprouts) and became a city dweller. But something inside eats away at you that there must be more to life than computer games and re-runs of The Great Escape.

So why not book a voucher for an alpaca walk with us. The pride of place goes to our amazing alpacas who we take out for a relaxing walk of about a mile – entirely within our farm boundaries. During the walk, we are happy to point out wonderful British wildlife. We will tell you about alpacas, their history and how we farm for maximum wildlife biodiversity. When we get back to the farm, you reward our walking alpacas with carrots which we chopped for you earlier and then go and visit the mum’s and babies group so you can meet the crias (baby alpacas). 

Want to buy someone a surprise present or not exactly sure when you want to come walking with us ? Then please chose your Alpaca Walking Vouchers below and then add them to your cart. Should you require more than one voucher or card then you will be able to change that in your shopping cart.

If you would like more than one voucher you can alter this in your shopping cart .

A few notes before you book your vouchers.
For full T & C’s please look at our Alpaca Walking page HERE

  • Children must be over 12 years old to walk an alpaca on their own. Children aged 8 to 12 may accompany the walk providing that each child is accompanied by an adult.
  • Walking alpacas may not be suitable for all as it involves walking across undulating fields. You need to use both hands to be in control of the alpaca at all times. 
  • We get very busy with bookings – especially for weekends and during the Spring/Summer.
  • Given the COVID 19 situation, we have issued a large number of vouchers for cancelled walks. Therefore we may be very busy as normal life resumes. We will endeavour to fit everyone in as soon as practicable. Just be aware we may be even busier than normal when you wish to book and redeem your voucher. However…
  • The vouchers have an extra long, one year expiry as from the start of 2022.


Walking vouchers allow you to walk your very own alpaca for the entirety of the walk. A fantastic experience you will remember forever.


Accompanying vouchers can only be booked in conjunction with walking vouchers as those accompanying cannot outnumber those walking alpacas.

If you would rather have an E-VOUCHER emailed to you then please select below. Please note that the E-Vouchers are sent out manually so please bear with us whilst I get back to the computer to formulate them!

Walking vouchers allow you to walk your very own alpaca for the entirety of the walk. A fantastic experience you will remember forever.
Accompanying vouchers can only be booked in conjunction with walking vouchers as those accompanying cannot outnumber those walking alpacas.

Alpaca Gift Cards

If you would like a card to go with your voucher then please chose from the selection below and add it to your basket.

CARD 1 – £2

CARD 4 – £2


CARD 10 – £2

CARD 13 – £2

CARD 2 – £2

CARD 5 – £2

CARD 8 – £2

CARD 11 – £2


CARD 3 – £2



CARD 12 – £2


Card Choice :

Spring Farm is very different in each of our 4 Seasons so please don’t think of this as a purely Summer event. Come and see the wood anemones/bluebells in Springtime. The changing leaves in Autumn (add on a visit to Sheffield Park Gardens to really max out on Autumn colour – its virtually next door). See uninterrupted views of wildlife in Winter as the farm starts to wake up again.

Damsel flies seen on alpaca walk in Sussex

Damsel flies – obviously in love!

Spring Farm is farmed within Higher Level Stewardship and as such we do all we can to encourage wildlife. What’s more, we are within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – and surrounded by many other attractions and eating venues. We have dormice boxes and owl boxes to name but two of our wildlife habitat enhancements.

If you book alpaca walking vouchers, we will send them to you by return – we send them out first class. You can also choose to receive them in one of our “alpaca cards” for an additional £2 each (inc VAT). The cost of a voucher is £36 (inc VAT) per person walking plus a £1 charge for P+P. The recipient can add additional walkers (at an extra cost of £18 each) if they wish on booking.

Alternatively, you can choose eVouchers which are the same price except you don’t need to pay a P+P charge. We will normally email these to you within 24 hours. 

Please note that we need a minimum of two people walking on any given day. Also, because we are a working alpaca farm, please note all walks need to be pre-booked. We do get very busy at weekends especially in the Spring/Summer. When the recipient would like to book a walk, our online booking system allows for booking with vouchers and recipients can see availability at the touch of a button (or two).

For full practicalities, please see our HOME page and for contact details and directions, please see our BOOK AN ALPACA WALK page. If you do need to email us please email:

We look forward to seeing you soon with or without your new socks!

2015 certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor certificate of excellence 2015/6/7/8/9/20

Baby alpacas at alpaca walking with spring farm alpacas

Alpaca photobomb!