Alpaca selfies!

ALPACA SELFIES at Spring Farm Alpacas

It’s fair to say that alpacas (and llamas) are possibly the most photogenic of all the animals you will meet in the UK (although our three ragdoll cats might beg to differ)! On our alpaca walks, our guests have been known to take the odd selfie…

Baby alpacas at alpaca walking with spring farm alpacas
Alpaca photobomb!

We think it would be good to set up a gallery with some of your best shots! So, if you book to come on a walk don’t forget to bring a camera or a camera phone. If after the walk, you think your selfies would look good on this page on our website – just let us know, send them to us and we will endeavour to put them up in lights on this page!

Alpaca selfie
Olivia with Izzy and Vicki

We do ask that you don’t take selfies whilst actually walking with your alpaca as you need both hands on the lead rope, but we stop on a couple of occasions to reward our walking alpacas and llamas with a snack. Once at the mid-point of the farm and then again at the end of the walk when the alpacas know its carrot time! This might then be the perfect time to take a selfie!