Alpaca walking to resume from 12/4/21

The last year has been exceptional in many ways – none good that I can think of! Hopefully we will be able to say goodbye to lockdowns, tier systems and fear in the future. The good news is that alpaca walking is to resume from 12/4/21!

When COVID first hit, no one knew it would be this long until a semblance of normality would return. Here at Spring Farm Alpacas, have taken the opportunity to hopefully make things better for the future. Vicki has managed to get way ahead of normal with halter training our baby alpacas. We have also done loads of fencing work and added chalk to a number of gateways. This is to reduce the mud that can build up and make progress slippery for our walkers.

We have painted the outside of our house and our holiday let. Amazingly, we have even managed to get to grips with the garden (to an extent). On the wildlife front, we have put up many more bird boxes. To aid our bees, we have planted additional wild flowers to support them.

As an alpaca breeder we have said goodbye to a number of our breeding stock. But, we are in the process of adding some new faces to our stud male group – watch this space! It will also be a big year as far as baby alpacas (cria) are concerned. We are expecting about 30 cria this year – starting in about 8 weeks. So a very exciting time ahead.

We have had to cancel a lot of walks during 2020/21 owing to lockdown restrictions. When we do cancel alpaca walks, we typically send out vouchers (undated) so our guests can rebook when we are able to offer walks again. We are very mindful that this means that we will have a large number of guests hoping to re-book or book walks this year. Our walking team is 30 strong so that shouldn’t be an issue. But in order not to disappoint guests looking to book, we have decided to increase the maximum of walking alpacas to 12 from 10 on each walk. To keep things as personal as before, we will therefore aim to have three of us on every walk so the ratio of us to guests will actually increase!

We really can’t wait for our alpaca walking to resume from the 12th of April. Just please be aware that bookings are starting to mount up for both walks and the holiday let.

See you soon, Chris and Vicki