Alpaca walk with bluebells

Bluebell walk

We were really fortunate today to have a wonderful Spring bluebell walk with Gareth, Alex, Mia, Roy, Dawn and Jade here at Alpaca Walking with Spring Farm Alpacas. In our woods there are currently carpets of wood anemones and bluebells. Our woodland is ancient woodland which you can tell by the wood anemone coverage.

As you walk by the woods, the aroma is subtle but so reminiscent of an English wood in Springtime. A lot of commercially grown bluebells are not our native variety and don’t have a scent – a real shame.

A few interesting facts about bluebells…The UK is home to approximately half the worlds population of bluebells. To tie in with our local village of Fletching, Bluebell sap was used in the middle ages to glue feathers onto arrows. Also, the bluebell is dedicated to the patron saint of England – St.George – and last year, the bluebell was voted England’s favourite wild flower (followed by the primrose and poppy – in that order).

The alpacas were exceptionally well behaved when we stopped for a photo break. It is almost as if they were taking in the backdrop as well! A bluebell walk with our alpacas is a real Spring highlight of the year and all too soon the woodland canopy fills in with leaves and the bluebells fade away. If you want to savour this very English experience, get in touch ASAP and book your alpaca walk whilst there is still time!