Alpaca walking vouchers expiry date

The last year saw us issue large numbers of alpaca walking vouchers. Obviously COVID played a big part in this as we were forced to close for many months. We have, in the past, not put an expiry date on our alpaca walking vouchers. However, from the start of 2022, we will be putting a one year expiry date on all new vouchers.


We will also apply 31/12/2022 as the expiry date for all existing vouchers. This gives plenty of time for all voucher holders to book a walk with us. We have expanded the number of walking alpacas/llamas to try to cope with the demand – and added a third member of staff to each walk. This allows us to actually increase our interaction with our walking guests when compared to previous years.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Chris and Vicki, Spring Farm Alpacas