Molly's birthday celebration

Molly’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Molly, Spring Farm’s oldest alpaca. We aren’t sure who the oldest UK alpaca is, but Molly was 23 yesterday and the BAS website says alpacas live for up to 20 years…. so whichever way, Molly is doing really well.

Molly was born in Chile on 1st January 1993. She came to the UK and was part of our neighbour’s herd – Bray’s Alpacas by Peter and Victoria Wigan. When Peter and Victoria retired from alpaca ownership, we took on their alpacas and promised to give Molly a good home for the rest of her days. So Molly has been with us for about ten years.

Molly's birthday celebration

Happy Birthday Molly!

Carrot cake for birthday alpaca

Molly’s birthday cake – Carrot cake!









Molly has now retired having produced some super friendly crias when she first retired. She loves creating a “nest” for herself in the barns and really doesn’t care if she is left on her own by the other alpacas – as long as she is warm and snug. Her fleece isn’t of the highest quality now so we put a warm rug on her as soon as the weather deteriorates.

Molly is also happy to play nurse maid to the crias when they are weaned – just as long as she can “nest” up at night. She gets lots of TLC and we do make a big fuss of her. She is still very partial to carrots – hence the cake! She is normally to be found in the near fields to the farm so whilst walking alpacas, please ask to see her and we will make the necessary introductions!