Walk alpacas in the snow in winter

Alpaca Winter wonderland

Last week the weather here at Spring Farm Alpacas took a turn for the worse – but it did give us the chance to walk in an Alpaca Winter wonderland! The snow wasn’t that deep, but it is amazing how it takes you back to childhood days and brings a smile to the face.

Alpacas are supremely suited to snowy conditions and their warm fleece keeps them beautifully insulated – so much so that in a snowstorm, the snow sits on their backs and doesn’t melt. Such is the insulating properties of their fleece.

We had a lovely family come walking for the day and the blue sky, crisp air and dusting of snow made for an incredible experience. Walking alpacas in the Winter isn’t everybody’s cup of tea – but if you wrap up warm and enjoy the outdoors, it is really rewarding and beats watching re-runs of Who wants to be a Millionaire!

At this time of year, we always walk at midday so we have time to finish the morning rounds and before it gets dark. That leaves the perfect time to try out one of our local pubs or Trading Boundaries (a fun bistro/Indian furniture warehouse) at the end of our road.

Walk alpacas in the snow in winter

Walking in the snow