Baby alpaca

Its a great time to book an alpaca trek with us!

Book an alpaca trek with us now – we are now most of the way through August and the farm is in full swing! we have all the hay/haylage in the barns and all the baby alpacas (cria) are on the ground and thriving!

An alpaca trek is a great way to meet our walking alpacas and to meet our Mum’s and baby alpacas too! Whilst on your walk, we are now regularly seeing deer fawns as well as the baby deer are left in our hay fields by their mums and only try to get out of our way when we get close!

Baby alpaca

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Our baby alpacas are now between one month old and four months old. They are very inquisitive and because of our training techniques, are learning from their mothers that we humans are “interesting”. An alpaca trek is a great way to get to meet the babies (and their mothers) after you have spent some time with our alpaca trekking team – and run out of carrots (their reward for walking and even better, supplied by us!).

We do ask that you book in advance as we only run one walk a day at midday – so you are assured of a great experience. An alpaca trek allows you to really get a feel for our farm, the alpacas and the wildlife we see every day! Visit us soon.