Here at Spring Farm Alpacas we have to think of the safety of you, our guests, and our staff. We have taken the difficult decision to cancel all alpaca walking during this lockdown period and until the 4th of July. Even if we were to get the go ahead at the next briefing, we will need a few days to reorganise the way we do things – and safety is paramount. We realise this will be very upsetting for anyone who has booked a walk over that period. However, we have to think about safety first. We have noted advice from the Government and the British Alpaca Society in relation to the coronavirus outbreak – and both say the 4th of July is likely to be the earliest date.  

We will be constantly monitoring the situation with regards to future walks and making sure we do everything possible to ensure your safety when we get the green light to reopen. If you have booked a walk in the period up to the 4th of July, we have emailed you a voucher so you can rebook when “things get back to normal” subject to availability. Please be aware that we don’t date our vouchers. So as long as we are here – they are valid.

You may be concerned about the welfare of our walking alpacas but you can rest assured that we will continue to look after them all with our usual care and attention. We aim to use this time (without being able to offer walks) to good end. We will finish the halter training of the 2019 born crias (baby alpacas) so the walking team may well see new entrants! We have had 13 new babies so far for 2020 with another 9 on the way. You can follow the births on our Instagram page: springfarmalpacas

These are difficult times for us all but you can rest assured your health is paramount to us. We will keep the diary open for future bookings after the 4th of July 2020 but keep an open mind as to how we proceed from here. In the event of continuing restrictions after the 4th July, we will continue on the same basis and issue undated credit vouchers. 

Once again, we are very sorry to have to do this as we know that alpaca walking is great fun but we have to think of your welfare first and foremost. 

Stay safe and well,

Vicki and Chris Agar, Spring Farm Alpacas and Alpaca Walking.