Reserve champion grey huacaya alpaca

Alpaca ownership open day 30/9/17

If you have considered owning alpacas or are curious to know what is involved – then we have the answer! A Spring Farm alpaca ownership open day.
Come to our free alpaca ownership open day and learn all about alpacas, handling alpacas, alpaca husbandry and how they will fit into your life! We have excellent facilities so you can really find out about owning alpacas and meet them in a relaxed and fun way. We specialise in our handling techniques and will run you through all you need to know about the idea of owning alpacas – plus you will get to meet some of our super friendly, halter trained alpacas!
Are you interested in alpacas? On our alpaca ownership open day, we will look at alpacas as a business, as breed stock, as show animals and as pets. We can offer alpacas in all colours and price ranges within all of these categories if you decided alpacas are right for you. Whether you are looking to stock a farm, occupy a small paddock, agist (we look after your alpacas here at Spring Farm at a small cost) with us – or to breed alpacas and get involved in showing, we can help you in all aspects of your search. Bear in mind that we started with no farming or livestock experience 17 years ago – we started our own alpaca ownership experience with a blank sheet of paper and an enquiring mind, and now are one of the UK’s top breeders of alpacas. Our alpaca ownership open day is intended to be good fun as well as informative and you can never ask too many questions!
We run a number of alpaca ownership open days throughout the year, so even if this date doesn’t suit you, please contact us and we will put your name down for the next alpaca ownership open day we run. Pease contact us for details – we keep the numbers small to keep things personal so please contact us first to reserve a place. We also provide a sandwich lunch so need to know how many to cater for and if there are any specific dietary requirements. We would also suggest sensible footwear to walk around the farm – and given its the end of September, bring some warm/waterproof clothing – just in case!
We are running the next open day on Saturday 30th September from 10.30am till 3.30pm. As the course is intended for prospective owners of alpacas, we don’t charge for the day. It is intended as an introduction so we wont blind you with science, but we will tell you all you need to know if you are interested in alpaca ownership and think they might be right for you.