Baby alpacas at alpaca walking with spring farm alpacas

19 baby alpacas and counting!

We are right in the middle of our birthing season here at Spring Farm Alpacas. We now have 19 baby alpacas (Cria) in our Mum’s and babies paddock and are due 7 more over the next month or so. This year is a “P” year so all the babies of ours start with the letter P. So far we have: Poppy, Penelope,

Baby alpacas at alpaca walking with spring farm alpacas

Alpaca photobomb!

Princess, Paloma, Porsche, Paris, Perseus, Pavlova, Phoebe, Pixie, Pippi Longstocking, Pharoah, Pandora, Prince, Peter Pan, Persephone, Polyanna, Phantom….and one we can’t quite decide on.

The baby alpacas spend most of their days lolling around, asking for milk, playing and then just before dusk, they go on a “mad half hour” when the bomb around their field, annoying the grown ups, to get their blood temperature raised before settling down next to their mums for the night.

Life you come alpaca walking with us, you will get to meet all the above babies and if very lucky, get to see a birth! Please contact us to arrange your walk and to spend some quality time with these amazing creatures.