Grey heron at Spring Farm

Fox vs Grey Heron

Today, looking out of the bedroom window we were lucky enough to see a grey heron in “Gate” field. This is the first time we have seen one at Spring Farm on the ground. We presume it was picking up worms but in any case, it avidly stalked around the field.

Grey heron at Spring Farm

Grey heron – from our bedroom window










Whilst watching the heron, we noticed a dog fox at the bottom of the field. It was behind the heron and intent on an early breakfast.

Fox stalking a grey heron

Sneaking up







Heron’s are pretty crafty themselves and this one took off before Mr Fox would get within range. It then flew across the field and settled down again. This gave Mr Fox another opportunity but only momentarily as the heron decided enough was enough and flew off for a more relaxing breakfast elsewhere!

grey heron evades fox

Too slow! The heron takes off