April wild flowers - apple blossom

April wild flowers

Each month of the year is different here at Spring Farm – it is what makes our walks so special as we get to see the changing seasons in the English countryside. After a walk last week I got the camera out (a slightly rare event these days!) and walked 200 metres whilst looking for a number of wild flowers. We are effectively in the middle of a drought as it hasn’t rained significantly here for two months but still I managed to find 8 flowering April wild flowers in ten minutes. Sometimes its easy to pass by as they are skulking in the margins of fields – but well worth searching out for their delicate beauty.

Here at Spring Farm, the month of May normally sees the first orchids and the hay meadows bursting into life. Unfortunately, as I write this, there is precious sign of the hay meadows doing very much at all but hopefully with some forecast rain, all will be well – albeit a bit late.

In the meantime please see a selection of April wild flowers and if you wanted to bring a camera, you would be very welcome and I can retrace my steps to show the flowers off!