Alpaca walk on a hen party

Alpaca hen party!

We were honoured to be hosting a hen party here for E.J. at Spring Farm Alpacas today. The weather was excellent and we took out 7 alpaca boys for an extra long walk. We would also like to thank Carla for organising the day and hope to see you all back here soon!

Alpaca walk on a hen party

E.J’s hen party







If you are looking for ideas for an unusual and rewarding hen party – look no further. Our walking team and baby alpacas will make it a day to remember. We will tell you about our alpacas, the farm, the wildlife here and take you out into our wildflower meadows with some of our walking alpacas.

Walk an alpaca on a hen day

E.J. with Charlie Brown







If you are interested, at the end of the walk – and after paying your walking team in carrots – we can show you some stunning alpaca products we make here is Sussex. You can even buy a scarf or gloves made from 100% Spring Farm Alpaca.

Walk alpacas on a hen party

E.J’s hen party







We can also recommend local eateries, pubs or some amazing local attractions so you can build on your alpaca walking experience here at Spring Farm. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Hen day out

E.J. (bride to be) bottle feeding Pavlova