Alpaca agility course

Alpaca agility course!

We are so pleased to have finally built an alpaca agility course! After a few years of talking about it, we designed and had built an alpaca (and llama) agility course. When we bought Spring Farm, it was managed as a horse yard. We adapted the stables and out buildings to suit alpacas and llamas. The ménage was almost redundant and has been used to store haylage and farm equipment – until now!

We have designed a see-saw with enough rigidity to ask our rather large llamas to use.

Vicki designed mounting blocks, trotting poles/jumps and adopted weaving poles. This allows us to train our alpacas and llamas whilst they are doing fun things. You can see how involved they get in trying out all the pieces of apparatus.

Its great fun for us and our alpacas to use the agility course and we hope to add it to their halter training too as a fun thing for them to do.